Whilst ipadio is incredibly simple to use – it's a phone call, or a click and publish for audio and video – it's also quite a powerful medium that does rather a lot. Not only do we support any kind of telephone (and tablet and PC) – we also extend features when that phone is smart – adding 'record and publish' on both audio and now video files collected by the app or on the phone. We also cross post to all sorts of places and this list grows all the time.

So it's easy but complicated. But never fear we are here to help, the diagram below shows you what you can do with ipadio. But we're also open to ideas, to ways of improving what we have.

To do contact us in the usual ways @ipadio on twitter or info@ipadio.com on e-mail and we're here to help.

Everyone knows what working with new technology is like so we've put together a few helpful FAQs you might need get you on your way! However, if your issue is not answered here then feel free to contact us on help@ipadio.com


How do I make a phonecast?

It's really, really easy - first you need to register on this website with the phone number you want to broadcast from, then just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call ipadio: Call one of our local ipadio numbers from your registered phone (a list of these can be found by clicking here)
  2. Enter your PIN: You will hear a welcome message and be asked to enter your personal PIN
  3. Speak! Start talking - each recording can last as long as you can!
  4. Disconnect: Once you've finished talking press the hash/pound (#) key on your phone, you can then listen again to your recording, re-record or just publish.

Can I record a call to another person?

Yes you can. First make sure that your phone can conference call – you don't need our apps to do this, you do however need a phone that supports conference calls. Set up your ipadio account on www.ipadio.com

Call the person you want to record, when you reach them tell them you are going to record the conversation (in many parts of the World this is a legal requirement – so you really must let them know). Put them on hold. Call ipadio on your local rate number (or if you are in a country which we don't yet support then call the London number +44 208 185 0500) add your PIN when asked then 'merge calls' together.

You are then recording the call. Be wary of pressing mute (a common error on iPhones) because you will be muting ipadio but not the other person, and close the call at the end in the usual way. We recommend doing a test to make sure all is in working order, we wouldn't want you losing the recording! To make sure your calls are kept private, head to your online profile and adjust your account settings to make sure they aren't posted on our main broadcast page

Your call will be processed and available in your account on www.ipadio.com


How do I make a 'record and publish'?

If you want to record a higher quality audio file then search for ipadio in either the Android Play Store or iTunes. The app supports phone calls as well as what we call 'record and publish' which allows you to use your smartphone as a recorder and capture audio at much higher quality. We don't restrict the audio file length – but beware long files and large and will take a while to upload.


Can I just upload an audio file?

Yes. When you login to your account you can see your broadcasts under your Broadcasts tab. In there you will see a button that says 'Make a broadcast using an existing file' search out your audio file and upload it. We support MP3, WAV, CAF, M4A and FLAC formats up to 100MB.


Can I use my computer to record and upload?

Yes. Under your Broadcast tab when you login you can either upload a file or 'Record a broadcast' using the record button provided, this will seek out your computers mic and record from there, use of an external mic will often produce best quality when recording.


How do I record and publish videos?

Both our Android and iOS apps support video – at low and high resolution. If you want this feature on your account please contact us on app@ipadio.com and we will set up. You can then record and share videos from your smartphone to ipadio and other social media platforms.


How much will it cost me to make a broadcast?

ipadio are not charging for you to use our numbers and ipadio phone numbers are mostly freephone. Costs on mobiles vary, but usually calls to ipadio can be included in your monthly bundle of minutes (although it's worth checking with your provider). If you are using the "Record & Upload" on the iPhone or android apps there is no cost outside of your data package. Likewise if you upload and audio file or record on your computers mic there is no charge.


What if you don't have a number for my country?

If we don't have an ipadio number listed for your country yet you can still use our service but calling one of the international numbers - we recommend either the UK or USA number. Please be aware that you will be charged international rates for these calls, unless you are on a phone plan which allows for calls to certain countries.

We support 13 countries right now including United Kingdo, United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and Spain. This mix of countries reflects our user base we are happy to respond to requests for other countries to have local rate numbers set up.


Can I get my broadcasts to appear in my own website?

Oh yes! Log-on to your online ipadio account and click on the individual broadcast you want on your website. The broadcast will have "embed" button next to it - it appears as a small white icon. Click this to get the embed code to copy and paste into your own website. If you want the ipadio player to appear on your website in a different size, then head to the 'tools' tab on your profile and select one of the embed codes which will adjust the size of the ipadio played when future recordings are added to your site.


I've made a broadcast, where do I find it?

Firstly, all broadcasts appear on our main broadcast page, if you don't want any of your recordings made public then you will need to adjust your privacy settings under the 'channel details' tab however as part of your registration you'll been given a personal URL that you can use to just see your broadcasts, it will be in the format http://wwww.ipadio.com/phlogs/[firstnamelastname]


I've forgotten my pin

Don't worry, just log in to your online ipadio account and visit the "My Profile" page and we show your PIN there. If you've forgotten your log-in password, use the forgotten password button on the log-in page and a new password will be emailed to you.


The start and end of my broadcast gets cut off sometimes

Try leaving a 2 second pause before you start speaking and make sure that you press the hash (#) key on your phone to end the recording rather than just hanging up.


I've found a series of broadcasts I really like and want to follow, how do I do it?

You can be notified by email each time a new broadcast is made on a particular channel, to do this simply click the subscribe button next to a broadcast and select to be sent emails, or you can use RSS and be kept up to date using the RSS reader of your choice.


Can different people record to my channel from different phones?

Yes! You might want to collect audio from lots of different people; maybe you're teacher collecting homework from students. We understand that it's much easier if all the audio can be recorded under the same channel. The good news is you can do this without having to register 30 phones to the same account! Call up ipadio from an unregistered phone and you will be told the number is not registered and to enter one that is. Simply enter the number and pin of the account you all want to access, and start recording. Alternatively, if you don't want to give out your personal number to lots of people (especially if you're a teacher!) just register a random 5-digit number as the secondary phone number on your account - you can do this by clicking on the 'channel details' tab on your profile. This will then work as above. Entering this number when prompted, then the channel's pin, will allow others to access your channel from different phones, meaning all broadcasts appear in the same place.


Why hasn't my broadcast uploaded properly?

If you recorded your broadcast properly, it should appear on your ipadio channel page pretty quickly. Occasionally, some audio files will take a bit longer to process. If yours hasn't appeared or finished processing within 24 hours, then let us know at help@ipadio.com and we'll try and solve the issue for you.


How do I adjust my privacy settings?

If you want your broadcasts to be private, then head to the Privacy tab on your online profile. From you can adjust your privacy settings so you can control who sees what.


How do I attach an image to my broadcasts?

Liven up your broadcasts by adding an image. Simply click on the 'channel details' tab and scroll down to the channel details section. Click 'upload' to browse and select an image. Then hit 'update settings' to load up your picture. We support JPEG, PNG or GIF formats up to 10MB.


How do I cross-post my broadcasts to my social media pages?

On your online ipadio profile, click on the 'share' tab to link your ipadio account to your Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger, SoundCloud, YouTube, or LiveJournal accounts.

If your issue is not answered here then feel free to contact us on help@ipadio.com

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